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Dr Bliss Cavanagh is a sensory-based artist, entrepreneur and expert in the design of sensory spaces backed by evidence-based research. Her PhD research at the University of Newcastle investigated the health and wellbeing benefits of her unique multisensory environments.


Drawn from her personal experience of living with Tourette syndrome, Bliss creates large-scale, immersive multisensory installations that offer therapeutic benefits. She has worked on many major commissioned projects within mental health, disability, education, gallery and community settings to engage and resolve issues of accessibility, inclusivity, mental health and wellness. In 2016, Bliss was selected as a Young Social Pioneer by the Foundation for Young Australians for her innovative work in this field.

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Dr Bliss Cavanagh is the founder of Creative Sensory Spaces, a creative business with a mission to support the world's wellbeing through evidence-based sensory experiences.


Creative Sensory Spaces specialises in complete sensory space fit-outs from original design to final delivery and installation to ensure optimal benefits.




Organising your next big event or festival?

Want to create an unforgettable experience in an inclusive and accessible way?

An immersive and magical multisensory experience is the perfect way to engage people of all ages and abilities.



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