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Step into the world of Dr Bliss Cavanagh, a visionary trailblazer reshaping our understanding of sensory environments.

Renowned as a pioneer in the design and implementation of transformative calming sensory rooms, Dr. Bliss's expertise is second to none. Published internationally, her groundbreaking PhD research conducted at The University of Newcastle delved deep into the profound health and wellbeing benefits derived from her revolutionary multisensory environments.

Dr. Bliss's journey isn't just academic; it's deeply personal. Living with Tourette syndrome has imbued her work with a unique perspective, igniting a mission to challenge conventional notions of how our built environment shapes our daily experiences. 

As the founder of Creative Sensory Spaces, Dr. Bliss has worked on countless projects across many industries, seamlessly blending innovation with empathy. Whether navigating the complexities of mental health, enhancing inclusion and accessibility, or nurturing wellbeing, her approach is unwaveringly holistic. Each project is a testament to her commitment to crafting spaces that not only engage but empower individuals to thrive.

In recognition of her contributions, Dr. Bliss was selected as a Young Social Pioneer by the Foundation for Young Australians in 2016. Her innovative strides in the field continue to create meaningful change, inspiring a new era of possibility and inclusivity.

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We create and install world-leading calming sensory rooms that deliver long-lasting benefits.

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"It is a personal privilege to contribute towards paving innovative and inclusive solutions in mental health. The need for early interventions and self-care strategies that prioritise, nurture and maintain good mental fitness is key to building a brighter, more compassionate future for all."

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