Rainbow lovers? - this one's for you! Bright, flouro rainbow colours that are as soft as they are fun - you will love the soft, comforting and happy feeling of our Rainbow weighted lap blanket.


Our Weighted Lap Blankets are effective sensory tools for enhancing calm and relaxation through the body. These small Weighted Lap Blankets are the perfect size for young children to use by placing it on their lap, around their shoulders or back or laying down with it over their chest and body - so many options! The bright rainbow colours and the super soft and luxurious textures create a fun and beneficial addition of visual and tactile sensory stimulation to the calming weighted effect. These lap blankets offer a wide range of benefits including helping with relaxation and sleeping difficulties, stress and anxiety, hyperactivity and emotional and sensory needs.

The Small Weighted Lap Blanket measures approximately 60cm x 40cm and is available in 3 different weight ranges: 1kg, 1.5kg and 2kg and heavier weights available with the micro glass beads filling - just choose from the drop down menu.

'Flouro Rainbow' Weighted Lap Blanket / Small

Weighted Filling Option
  • Made from the highest quality materials and double stitched with double layers to ensure the best durability and value. We only use high quality luxury faux furry fabrics for the top layer and minky material for the underside to create the softest and most comforting tactile and visual experience for our blankets. To weight our products we use high-grade plastic poly pellets, which are non-toxic and are the industry standard for high quality weighted products.

    All our products are designed and created in Newcastle, Australia with the upmost quality and care to deliver unique sensory products for all ages.

    Care Instructions:

    Spot clean or gentle handwash entire blanket in cold water. Lay flat outside to air dry in shade.

    What weight should I choose?

    The recommended weight for any weighted blanket is no more than 10% of the persons body weight.


    Weight: 10kg - 14kg = 1kg Weighted Blanket

    Weight: 15kg - 19kg = 1.5kg Weighted Blanket

    Weight: 20kg - 24kg = 2kg Weighted Blanket

    Weight: 25kg - 29kg = 2.5kg Weighted Blanket

    Weight: 30kg - 34kg = 3kg Weighted Blanket

    Weight: 35kg - 39kg = 3.5kg Weighted Blanket

    Weight: 40kg - 44kg = 4kg Weighted Blanket

    Weight: 45kg - 49kg = 4.5kg Weighted Blanket

    Weight: 50kg - 54kg = 5kg Weighted Blanket


    Custom Orders

    We are also more than happy to create a custom made weighted blanket of any size or weight - with a huge range of colours to choose from. Just send an email to bliss@studiobliss.com with your specifications for a free quote!

  • All our weighted blankets are made with a double stitched insert, which is gridded up into small 10cm squares and are filled with plastic poly pellets to evenly distribute the weighted pressure to ensure maxium therapeutic benefits with minimal movement.

    We then double stich the weighted insert into a beautifully made double stitched cover, so that you don't have to see or feel the gridded stitching or lose any of the aesthetic appeal of our gorgeous designs or luxurious furry fabrics.

    We are proud to make a range of weighted products that look beautiful and feel beautiful.

Contact Info:

P // 0415 701188

E // bliss@studiobliss.com

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